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Immersive Learning With A Clear Commercial Focus & Benefit

The critically-acclaimed Emotional Intelligence Training programmes designed and facilitated by our acknowledged team of Emotional Intelligence experts are designed purely to deliver value to you and your organisation.

There's no complex psychobabble, boring theory or untested approaches contained in our events.  You'll benefit from and enjoy a highly interactive, bespoke Emotional Intelligence Training programme that engages, intrigues and inspires action.

Whatever organisational challenge you wish to address, and whatever organisation goal you wish or need to achieve, rest assured that our team of Emotional Intelligence experts will equip you with proven tools, skills and principles which will enable you to press the 'fast-forward' button on progress.

A vast array of insights, challenging activities and team review are included in our events so you and your colleagues 'Learn by Doing'.  You won't encounter laborious, boring Powerpoint slides with us.

Real Comments From Real Leaders

The facilitation of the six day leadership development programme focusing on developing Emotional Intelligence skills was SUPERB. I highly recommend Scott Watson and his team.

Basil Al-Azem
Basil Al-Azem HR Director, DHL Express, EMEEA

Scott Watson has a real insight in to what makes people tick!  He has become a trusted member of my external network giving me valuable support, guidance and advice.

Sharon Pegg
Sharon Pegg Group Diversity Lead, The Co-operative Group

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Bespoke, Results-Focused Emotional Intelligence Programmes

At Last - 'Soft Skills' Delivering 'Hard' Business Results

Executive Leadership Development

The extensive body of evidence supporting how organisational leaders can perform at, or very near their best - consistently continues to grow.  If you want to become an even more effective leader of people, and value creator for your organisation and its stakeholders, perhaps Executive Coaching or a Top Team Away Day may be worth exploring?

Management Team Optimiser

Are your managers delivering best value for your organisation both individually and collectively?  We continue to find most managers 'Get through the week' with little focus on refining, improving and streamlining accepted ways of working - so operational performance doesn't deliver best value.  Try a Management Team Optimiser event to create a sparkle and refocus and invigorate your management teams.

Emotional Intelligence Team Healthcheck

Managers often don't enjoy the benefit of understanding not just how their team members are feeling or what they are thinking, but how team members can be equipped, enabled and encouraged to up their game, deliver more value, and perhaps even enjoy the journey too.  Choose a Healthcheck event if you are eager to learn the difference that can make a big difference.

Emotional Intelligence Keynote Speakers

Would you like an energising, entertaining and of course, educational Speaker to get your company's next event off to a great start?  If you would, you (and your colleagues) might benefit greatly from one of our hands-on, brains-on conference keynotes.  Everything is designed to meet your unique requirements and your audience can laugh while they learn.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching 1-2-1

Healthy Self-Awareness underpins sucessful self and people management.  Have you ever worked for a manager who may have been brilliant technically...but not great to be around?  Or maybe you have worked for a manager who was the nicest person in the office...but didn't deliver the results required?  Emotional Intelligence Coaching is incisive, results-focused and proven to deliver measurable improvements.

EQ-i 2.0 Certification Training Courses

Learn how to maximise personal and collective effectiveness in your organisation by becoming a Certified EQ-i 2.0 Practitioner.  The EQ-i 2.0 Assessment is the world's only scientifically-validated Emotional Intelligence assessment for the organisational arena.  Learn with our Certified EQ-i 2.0 Trainers.


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About Us

Scott Watson

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Our carefully selected team members are led by Scott Watson.

Amongst Europe's most established Emotional Intelligence Coaches and Leadership Development facilitators, Scott is considered an innovator in optimising organisational effectiveness through the development of emotionally intelligent leaders, managers and teams.

Scott leads our team on international client projects and is a popular expert media commentator and keynote speakers on organisational leadership performance.

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