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Emotional Intelligence Training – Can It Really Transform Your Teams From Average To Amazing And Your Managers From OK To Outstanding?
Absolutely – When You Learn With Our Expert Team!

Developing EI Skills

Developing Emotional Intelligence skills isn’t easy.  And neither does it have to be a really tough challenge!

Find out how you can develop key Emotional Intelligence skills and competencies for yourself, or perhaps within your organisation to boost performance.

True effectiveness partners technical competence with specific human skills such as empathy, realistic optimism, relationship development amongst others.  And that’s what you can learn within these pages.

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EI Training Courses

Emotional Intelligence training courses are ten a penny these days.

So many training companies are offering ‘Emotional Intelligence training’ that is simply a mixture of theory, research and a few dozen Powerpoint slides thrown in.  That IS NOT Emotional Intelligence – it’s blatantly misleading selling!

Find out more about how to achieve the best possible ROI in Emotional Intelligence training and how to successfully transfer learning back to the daily reality of your workplace.

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EI Speakers

All too often, Emotional Intelligence speakers focus on the theory and psychology underpinning the Emotional Intelligence competencies.  And this can of course be interesting.

But the real value you generate from an Emotional Intelligence speaker is from learning a series of practical skills that can transform how you, your colleagues and organisation performs.  

And that’s what you’ll find within these pages.

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Learn EI Online

If you want to access a comprehensive Emotional Intelligence training solution, but can’t find time to take a day away from the office, The Emotional Intelligence Channel could be the solution for you.

Packed with more than 40 subject-specific podcasts, The Emotional Intelligence Channel is your on-the-spot training system you can access 24/7, whenever and wherever you want or need to.

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